Night At the Door

Last Saturday night, I took my oldest son, Matthew, to hear the band “Disciple” at “The Door” in Dallas. It was something he really wanted to do for his 17th birthday.

[Whoa. Gotta pause and let that “17th” part sink in for a minute….Ok, I’m fine, now.]

Matthew (Matt to friends at school) brought along a friend named Neal, and I brought along my old pal from Compass named Ricky.

After a small adventure attempting to find Neal’s house, the real fun began.

A few [random] highlights:

  • The doors opened at 7:30 p.m. The first of three other bands was supposed to start their set at 7:45 p.m. We got there at about 7:15 p.m. The line of people waiting to buy tickets extendended around the corner of the building.
  • Around 7:45 p.m. we discoverd that the Disciple show had sold out, but the dude at the door told us that we could stand in line and wait to see if there were any openings by the time their concert started.
  • It was cold. It had been raining. We were standing outside. Matt and Neal wanted to wait. I gave an “I owe you one” kind of look to Ricky. We decided to wait.

Disciple Concert Outside

  • About an hour and a half later, we were pretty close to the door of “The Door,” but the Disciple concert had already started. They opened the doors to the theatre and we could “kind of” watch the concert from the street. The dude at the door felt our pain and decided to start handing out free posters to the crowd. Sweet. We grabbed extra ones for Michael and Melissa.
  • As people left the concert early, they would let additional new people in at a reduced rate. Matt and Neal decided that it wasn’t worth it to buy tickets for what looked like 10 minutes of concert left, so we just continued to see/hear the concert from the sidewalk.

Disciple Concert Matt and Neal

  • Then the dude at the door decided to just let Matt and Neal go on in for free! I believe he thought the concert was drawing to a close. I got one whiff of the sweaty mass of humanity packed into the concert room and Ricky and I decided that we would just wait outside. One guy came out of the concert to a cool off for a few minutes and his whole body was literally steaming…
  • I tried to get good photos, but the crowd kept me from getting any good shots of the band. I had to hold the camera over my head, try to zoom and hope for the best.
  • Through the doors I saw a few people crowd surfing and the guy standing next to me said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anybody do that live.” He was another “Dad type” dude who didn’t look like he intended to enter the building either. It was at that moment that I was glad I hadn’t sent the camera in with Matthew. I knew he’d want to give it a whirl.
  • Matthew gave it a whirl. [See? I told you he would.] He hadn’t quite figured out the crowd surfing etiquette, so he just asked some people next to him if they’d “help him up.” They obliged, and before long he was riding the crowd. Then some guys pretty much catapulted him into the air and on his way back down he landed on some people… I sure wish I had some video of that. Especially since [fortunately for us] it wouldn’t include footage of a trip to the emergency room…
  • Neal bought Matt a “Disciple” shirt for his birthday, the “Door” dude at the door of “The Door” kindly attempted to take a picture for me from inside the theatre, and it ended up being another 30 minutes before the concert was over.
  • Following the concert, Ricky and I were both hit up by a guy asking for money who had obviously had one too many of something. That, and the discovery that my car was still fine after being parked in the “Deep Ellum” area of South Dallas for three hours, wrapped up the night like a shiny bow on a birthday box.

Final thoughts:

The Door was cool. The “Ritz” it wasn’t, but for a clean “all ages” club it had a hip, “quasi-underground” vibe to it. [Yeah, I said it and I’m feelin’ no shame… 🙂 ]

The band, “Disciple,” rocked the house like there was no tomorrow but the dude at the door of “The Door” wins the award for coolest one in the place. [He’s the guy in the hat on the far left in the picture below. ]

Of course, the “coolest one who never made it into the place” award goes to Ricky. Owe you one, my friend, ‘deed I do…

Matthew and Neal had a blast. My little boy young man is growing up at lightning speed, now… He’s cooler than cool and I’m very proud to be his dad.

Click the image to see a few more pics and comments from our fun night at “The Door.”

Disciple Concert View From the Door


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