Launch Conference Re-Cap

Leona was actually able to go with me to the “Launch Conference Half-Day Event” the other day. It was only a morning event and the only physical activity involved sitting and taking notes, so she was up for it. Halfway through her neck was really bothering her, but she was a trooper and wanted to stay till the end. I was glad she was with me.

Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas had and have a lot of great stuff to share. And I do mean “share,” because the conference was free. There’s more free stuff as well as stuff you can buy at If you are considering church planting, it’s definitely worth the visit.

A few “loose” quotes from the morning:

“In your church planting prospectus, don’t spend a lot of time telling me how many lost people are in your area. There are lost people everywhere. Tell me how you are going to solve that problem.” Steve Stroope, Pastor/founder of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwell, Texas, and host of the event.

“Begin with a ‘Launch Team,’ not a ‘Core Group.’ …And that doesn’t mean just changing the name of the group you’re starting with…” Nelson Searcy, on how church plants get off course before they even begin.

“If your ‘Launch Team’ becomes inward-focused before your launch, you might as well scrap it and start over.” Kerrick Thomas, on launching from the “outside-in.”

“It is completely possible to launch a church in which the only Christians on the initial team are the staff.” From the Launch Conference Notes

“You can start a church much faster than you think. I’m not a proponent of the ‘don’t go and don’t grow’ mentality.” Nelson Searcy, on the strategy of taking a long, slow approach to starting a church.

“Dang, we did everything wrong…” Leona, whispering in my ear halfway through the conference, causing us both to laugh out loud. 🙂

Took a few quick photos on our way out of the church that spurred some ideas and were a fun bonus to the day.

Lake Pointe Baptism Room
Smaller Venue Baptism Room

Lake Pointe Stair Slide
Slide between the stairs in the children’s area

I’m currently reading through Nelson and Kerrick’s new book, “Launch: Starting A New Church From Scratch.” Too soon to give a full review, but I’m really liking what I’m reading so far. Get your copy here or wherever books on church planting launchy goodness are sold…


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