Cruisin’ Roanoke in the Family Van…

Hilarious night with the fam tonight.

After visiting family in Arlington, Texas, we used Melissa’s i-pod to crank music through the van’s speakers so we could sing along at the top of our lungs like lunatics. Then we stopped by McDonalds where more silliness and laughing ensued.


The funniest moment, though, was when we drove by “Babe’s Chicken” in downtown Roanoke with P.O.D blasting out of the windows of our MINI VAN! 🙂 Yeah, we just roll like that…

I leaned back, put on my shades and was bobbin’ my head to the music as some elderly people looked at us with startled and confused expressions on their faces. Man, I wish I had a picture of that.

We continued to “cruise” neighborhoods, including our own, singing loudly out the windows and getting some funny reactions from people – young and old alike.

I only wish I had thought to pull the hood of my hoodie over my head first…

Good times. Good times…



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