Blessings and Encouragements

A few of the individuals and churches who have been a blessing and/or encouragement to us recently:

  • Dan & Cassandra Robison – Fellow Compass sojourners who recently gave us their dining room table!

Dinner Table

  • Mark & Tori Bjornholm – Met Mark through blogging and he has been a generous and encouraging friend ever since.
  • Donnie & Jen Bowlin – More Compass travelers, who have blessed us in a number of ways, recently.  Not the least of which is the gift of my first moleskine notebook. 🙂
  • Steven Riles – Youth pastor at Davis Blvd Baptist Church who has a heart for serving and outreach. Blessed us several times along the way.
  • Scott Hamilton (The pastor, not the skater) – Old friend, pastor of Ridgeway Baptist and ongoing encourager.
  • Douglas Shoelles – Pastor of another church plant in our area who has always been an encouragement. Doug knocked on hundreds of doors and put shoe leather where his heart is to plant Church of the Resurrection. Doug actually joined us for our “wrap up” gathering at my house.
  • Rick White – Church planting pastor of Cityview Church who bought me coffee and listened patiently to my long and winding story.
  • Michael Feese – Long time friend and former partner in ministry, Michael planted Journey Fellowship and has been an ongoing encouragement to us.
  • Clay Hilton – Church planting pastor of Mid-Cities Community Church who continues to pray for and encourage us.
  • Jay Bruner – Church planting pastor of Center Point Church who has bought my lunch and encouraged me many times.
  • Bob “Mad Dog” Allen – Long time friend and ongoing encourager.

Others who have been a blessing in one way or another recently include my parents, Leona’s parents, our brothers and sisters, Leona’s school, Fellowship of the Parks, Life Connection Church, and Fellowship Church in Grapevine.

This list could go on and on. To everyone I’ve listed here and everyone else that I missed, thank you! It means more to us than I can put into words.

Have you stopped to consider everyone who has blessed you recently?


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