I turn around and there I am.

Two weeks ago, I decided I should lose some weight. So I set a casual goal of losing one pound in a week, did some extra walking and kept a lazy eye on what and how much I was eating.

A week later, my weight was different by one pound. Unfortunately, it was a pound I had gained, rather than lost! As of this morning, that number had climbed to two.

So I’ve decided that I had better get my “lazy eye” in gear soon or I won’t be able to fit into my contacts much longer. And my lazy “rest of me” also needs to get moving or I won’t be able to fit into anything else!

Johnny Fridge Glance

Losing about 10-15 pounds would make a huge difference.

I liked the carefree days of being able to tie my shoes without almost pulling my shoulder out of joint because my arms have to stretch over a wider circumference of waistline. It was nice not getting winded walking up the stairs and not having to inhale and do the watusi just to button my pants. I enjoyed sporting only one chin.

Johnny Fridge Milk

Just a little confession and accountability here. I gotta lose some weight. I’m thinking that surely I can drop at least a pound a week over the next 10 weeks.

I get serious in the morning. Anyone out there want to join me?

Inspiration provided by Carlos, but fear not. I’m too chicken (or vain) to post a video “shake test.” 🙂

Johnny Fridge Mayo


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