Laws of Lame Leadership 21-31

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Here are laws 21-31 of my “31 Refutably Irrefutable Laws of Lame Leadership.” Find laws 1-10 here and laws 11-20 here.


21. The Law of the Backlash – Always have your team’s back…so you can stab them whenever the pressure is on you.

22. The Law of the Little Lie – Be loose with the truth in the little things. Exaggerate. Communicate that you are not in when you just don’t want to talk to anyone. Play dumb when people ask you about things you don’t want to talk about. Don’t sweat the truth in things that you don’t believe matter to your career.

23. The Law of the “Me, Too” – If other organizations are participating in an event or emphasis, table your own mission, goals and plans. Jump in with them in order to have a presence. Call it an opportunity.

24. The Law of the Stupid Staff Meeting – Effective leaders have effective staff meetings. Make sure yours are stupid. Do this by making them really long and deal at length with issues that only relate to a few people in the room. If it could have been effectively accomplished through a memo, turn it into a meeting. Have the meeting because it is time for the meeting – whether there is a good reason for the meeting or not.

25. The Law of the Need to Know – Tell team members more than they need to know. Or do not tell team members all that they need to know. Better yet, determine that as the leader, you do not need to know anything about what they need to know or not know. You know? You kind of have to let that one sink in.

26. The Law of the Quit – If there is opposition, obstacles or difficult odds, scrap it. If it would be hard to do, don’t do it.

27. The Law of the Sinking Ship – Never retreat and regroup. Go down with the ship. Take many people down with you. Have the “at least we tried” mentality rather than the “find a new ship or course” mentality in relation to the goals and health of the organization you are leading.

28. The Law of the Pushover – Allow loud or aggressive people to change or set your agenda. Bow to pressure whenever it comes your way.

29. The Law of the Perks – View leadership as an opportunity for benefits. See it as a way to be admired, to have a great office, to boss people around and have an impressive job title. Be driven by the salary and the vacation benefits. Do not let the idea of sacrifice or what it will require to fulfill the vision enter your mind. Do not focus on what’s best for your organization; focus on what’s owed to you as the leader.

30. The Law of the Moral Misstep – Have no guardrails in your life regarding money, sex or integrity. Do not guard yourself from moral failure. Keep financial matters a gray mystery and do not hesitate to justify reimbursement for expenses that are really not work related. Tell yourself that “unethical” is not the same as “illegal.” This is one law that if implemented can take your leadership from “lame” to “off the grid” in one easy step.

31. The Law of the Cracked Compass – Have no clue about where you are going or why you are doing what you are doing. Act and talk as though you do.

Well there you have it. 31 Refutably Irrefutable Laws of Lame Leadership.

I have applied several of these laws a few times along the way, myself. And every time I have done so, I have become a lame leader.

Do the same and so will you.


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