Creative Uses of Interactive Video

I was reading Ben’s blog and caught this post about Wave Church using this technology which reminded me of something that Scott Hodge did in a worship service.

And that gave me an idea… (How’s that for going a little link happy? 🙂 )

What if churches could use the basic “interactive video” idea on a smaller scale? Where the coolness and functionality overpowers the excellence of the presentation or environment itself? Where the “excellence” was actually the fact that you were connecting on a broad scale and using technology to creatively do so?

Assuming you have live leaders and real life interaction built into your strategy, consider this. With a Mac utilizing ichat in three or four smaller locations (or more, I guess), it could be possible to:

  • Lead a bible study in several homes or other locations (coffee shop?) at once.
  • Lead a training for ministry teams in several locations simultaneously.
  • Do “live via [satellite]” features in services.
  • Have special guests in your worship service interviewed from across the country or world.
  • Conduct worship services with live musicians and live, interactive video teaching in many small venue locations.
  • Other uses I haven’t thought of yet…

What I’m talking about is “small” venues. Rather than 3 “Video Venue Satellite Churches,” you could have 20 “small venue video satellite connection points.” (Do you like how I keep raising the number of venues? 🙂 )

The leader could then rotate between venues, making him a modern day “Circuit Riding Preacher.

And with that great “circuit riding” pun, I leave it at that. 🙂


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