Wednesday Weigh-In #1

Alright, I’m trying to hold myself accountable, here. So I’m going to start posting some ugly facts. Maybe it will inspire you to also put down the brownies and get off the couch.

The weigh-in:
Last week: 211 lbs.
This week: 209 lbs.! (-2)

Woo hoo! 2 pounds down and about 9 to go…

Turning the 20 pack into a 6 or 8 pack:
Ok, this is really embarassing. But my “resting” (no holding in) midsection is at 45 3/4 inches. Good grief. My belly button has an echo.

And now our community pool is taunting me…

What’s my fitness plan, you ask?

So far I have not been on a rigid schedule, but I have been intentional:

  1. Smaller portions.
  2. Very small desserts or skipping them altogether,
  3. Adding a bit more physical activity into my day (Parking farther out and doing more walking, running up the stairs, etc.)
  4. Drinking more water.
  5. Less sugar.
  6. Reading labels and actually thinking about “saturated fats” and how I’m on the road to becoming one myself… 🙂


That’s really about it. Obviously, that’s not enough to get where I need to be, but it is a start. It was tricky staying on course with lunch at Cici’s Pizza on Saturday and lunch at the Golden Coral on Sunday, however! I intend to add more intentional exercise and more fruits and vegetables this week. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll do my best to post a “Wednesday Weigh-in” each week, good, bad or ugly. If I don’t post it, please hold me accountable and let me know about it…

Last week I mentioned that inspiration was provided by Carlos. This week I have to give a “shout out” to Charlie as a long distance motivator…

Anyone out there want to join me in setting a goal for fitness?


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