Three-fold Celebration Weekend

We have three celebrations this weekend. Technically, they all occur on Monday, but we’re spreading them out over the weekend.

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day, my daughter Melissa’s birthday, and Leona’s and my wedding anniversary! So we’re celebrating Melissa’s birthday on Saturday (I can’t believe how fast she has been growing up!), our anniversary on Sunday, and Memorial Day on Monday

And speaking of our wedding anniversary, and since we’ve received a bit of interest in our Christmas musical this year, I thought I’d post a rough clip of the “curtain call.” Because of sound and camera issues, the overall video is a terrible representation of the production itself, but I like this clip for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason is because it reminds me of just how awesome my wife really is. Leona and I created it together from scratch – music, orchestration, script, sets – everything – truly as a team. It’s a great representation of a theme that has run throughout our marriage.

This clip wraps up the musical in the final seconds with me giving a kiss to the lady with whom I have been privileged to share my life.

The red wig, glasses and funky outfit she is wearing can’t conceal the sweetness of her smile shining through, revealing the funny, amazing, supportive and beautiful chick that is my lovely wife, Leona.

It’s syrupy but it’s true.

Happy anniversary, babe. I love you!

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…And she would like for me to remind everyone that she really doesn’t look like that… 🙂


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