Coffee-O-Matic From Yester-year

While visiting my folks in Shreveport this past weekend, we helped my mom go through and get rid of some of the stuff she’s had in a storage building behind her house. In the process, we got to take home whatever treasures we discovered.

One of the “treasures” Leona and I discovered was a “stainless steel vacuum coffee pot” hiding in a box. It was in serious need of some cleaning, but after a good wash, we discovered that it was a “Nicro model 500” originating from Chicago.

I don’t have a way to post original pics from here at my in-laws’ house, but I found these fairly close renditions on the web.


We discovered that the metal filter inside apparently has a patent that was applied for in 1947 and was granted in 1950.


I’m constantly amazed at the variety of ways to create a cup o joe. Making coffee in this coffeemaker is kind of like popping corn in a pan – fun to make; fun to consume. 🙂

I’ll post pics of the process in flickr and/or add a google video when I get home.

…What a doggone hoot. 🙂


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