Wednesday Weigh-In #3

The Weigh-in:
Today’s “weigh-in” took place at Leona’s folks’ house in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, the scales used today were inaccurate and faulty scales can really mess you up.  So I have no accurate weight numbers to announce today.

That is, unless I really did gain 11 pounds since last Wednesday.  Um…no.

Turning the 20 pack into a 6 or 8 pack:
Last week:  45 1/2 inches
This week:  42 3/4  inches – Woo hoo!  But then again, I had to use a headphone cable and a ruler to make my measurement… 🙂


It has been a hard week for this stuff, though, I must say.  Visiting with my parents, visiting with Leona’s parents,  celebrating an anniversary and celebrating a birthday has meant cakes, sweets and extra opportunities for over doing it. 

All things considered, I think I did “o.k. ” Now it’s time to do better than “o.k.” 


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