Flash Mob Choir (Part 1)

When I was in college, the “concert choir” I was a part of went on a choir tour that took us through New York City. While there, we had a cool experience on the Staten Island Ferry.

It started when a group of guys we had never seen before got up in front of the room and started performing for the crowd. They did movements and sang in fun, tight harmonies. It was awesome.

Somehow they found out that we were a choir, so they asked us to “sing something.” Knowing that we had about 2 or 3 “show stopping” songs that we could pull out of a hat at any moment, our director quietly smiled at the opportunity and responded with a confident, “Sure, ok.”

When our 50 or so voice choir busted into those songs in that low ceiling room, jaws dropped all around. And when our first song came to an end, the crowd on the ferry literally went nuts with cheers and applause, and the leader of that other group responded with a loud, complimentary “expletive” that expressed his amazement. :mrgreen:

Singing spontaneously on the Staten Island Ferry with the Statue of Liberty in clear view through the window for a crowd of strangers who were surprised and wowed with our performance is easily one of those memories that ranks as one of the coolest (of many 8) ) moments of my life.

I remember thinking how amazing it was that we could instantly create such a powerful moment, at any time and at any place, with no instruments, microphones, stage or place on someone’s program.

So the other day I had an idea.

I’ll tell you about it in part 2.


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