Rain and Roof

We had some flooding around the area, yesterday. Leona and I were up when the storm blew through, and recorded the moment for posterity.

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By this afternoon, it was sunny again, but the storm had messed up a few shingles on our roof. So I borrowed a ladder and brought Melissa and Michael up onto the roof with me to fix it.

Looking Down From  the Roof

(That’s Leona freaking out down there on the sidewalk.) 😀

The view was absolutely incredible, and it was fun being up there with them. It reminded me yet again that my kids are all growing up way too fast…

Melissa & Michael Rooftop 1

Melissa & Michael Rooftop 3

Melissa & Michael Rooftop 4

Melissa & Michael Rooftop 5

Matthew is on a mission trip to San Antonio, right now. If he had been here with us today, he would have been the first one up the ladder…

Johnny with Melissa & Michael

I love my wife and I love my kids.

…Just thought I’d say it again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rain and Roof

  1. Fun rain. I love storms like that. The main problem we have in our area is that a lot of people haven’t put in yards, so the mud runs down the street. Makes for a fun drive. heehee. :o) BTW, what are you doing up at 1am??!?!?!? That’s madness!!! I can only do that on the weekends.

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