Rick and Ed on Evangelism for Church Growth

One of the most refreshing and motivating podcasts I’ve heard in a long time is a conversation between Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and Ed Young Jr. of Fellowship Church on the importance of evangelism for church growth.


These guys are “smoking what they’re selling,” and it shows through their passion and the fruit of their respective ministries. Literally thousands and thousands of people have become Christ followers, been baptized and are now growing believers through the ministries of these two pastors and their churches.

It was cool to hear these guys learning from one another in the process.

A few “standout” moments:

  • When Ed asked Rick, “Let me ask you a question about evangelism. How do you keep your ‘soul winning’ skills sharp?”
  • Rick’s story about a guy who told him that they don’t “worry about the numbers and count people” at his church. Rick’s response was priceless. He asked the guy, “Do you count the offering?” to which the guy responded, “yes, of course.” Then Rick said, “Then what you’re saying is that money is more important to you than people.”
  • As an evangelism strategy, the idea of encouraging people to write down the things they love to do and then just doing those things with unchurched people instead of with other Christians all the time.
  • Ed’s “baptism shark” story near the end of the podcast. Hilarious.

I met Rick a few years ago and he was incredibly encouraging to me. I’ll share that story some other time. Now if I could just hook up with Ed… 🙂

Check it out here: The Importance of Evangelism for Church Growth
Follow the blog here: Blog.Pastors.com


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