Retro Post: Usable

Here is this week’s “retro post” from my old blog:

Sometimes mistakes and disobedience cause consequences that make future ministry limited, or at least redirected. Moses didn’t get to go to the promised land after striking the rock, Elijah was replaced after losing the vision, and a few others like Achan, Annanias and Sapphira lost their lives after direct disobedience.

But God in His great grace has not always made that the case. More often than not, God uses us in spite of our mistakes and our disobedience when we turn back to Him.


One of the more famous “disobedient servants” in scripture was Jonah.

  • Jonah should have gone to Ninevah. Instead, he went toward Tarshish.
  • Jonah should have been preaching to the Ninevites. Instead, he was confessing to sailors.
  • Jonah should have been in the presence of a king. Instead, he was in the belly of a fish.
  • Jonah should have been the “mouthpiece” of God. Instead, he was vomited from the mouth of a fish.

His mistakes, and even his disobedience, didn’t “get him out” of going to Ninevah. Certainly there are sins that may disqualify us for particular areas of service. But fortunately for us all, our past does not necessarily disqualify us from the mission.

God did something very compassionate and merciful for Jonah.

He did not let him go.

Instead, He continued to command him to go.


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