Wednesday Weigh-In #8

Well, after a brief hiatus from the old Wednesday Weigh-in, I was pretty nervous about stepping on the scales. But I must say that when I did today, the numbers were a total surprise….

The Weigh-In:

2 weeks ago: 208 pounds
This week: 200 pounds!! (I thought stress caused you to GAIN weight! But I guess I have been eating less and exercising more over the past two weeks….)

Turning the 20 pack into a 6 or 8 pack:

2 weeks ago: 41 inches 1/2 inches
This week: 40 1/2 inches (Just a reminder: I’m measuring my midsection, not my waist. I’m pretty amazed that I lost an inch! Time to start really working those abs!)

So, to bring things up to date since I started this in May, and also because it’s extremely motivating to me, here are the stats in perspective:

First weigh-in, 5-16-07: Weight: 211 pounds | Midsection: 45 3/4 inches
Progress as of today: Weight: 200 pounds | Midsection: 40 1/2 inches
Totals Lost: Weight: 11 pounds | Midsection: 5 1/4 inches

Nothing like a little good news to brighten one’s day… 😀



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