Frazzled Fam Time

A lot of our “free” time lately has been filled up supporting the “Leckie Athletic Association,” also known as “All of My Kids’ Games.” It’s been a hoot, but it has also led to some “frazzled fam time.”


Matthew – Varsity Football. These games are quite the show. Bands playing, dancers dancing, lords a leaping… You’d think it was college football, or something. 😀

I can’t believe it, but this is Matthew’s senior year. And even though he’s not getting the field time that he would like, he’s committed to seeing football through to the very end. And that makes for some long nights.

We’re having fun, but by the time the game is over, Matthew’s ridden the bus back to the field house to change and we have driven home, it’s well after 11 p.m.

Supper, anyone?


Melissa – Junior Varsity Cross Country. At the starting line of one of her cross country meets last year, the following took place:

Melissa (out loud): “I hate running.”
Other Runners: (Funny and incredulous looks at her)
Starting Pistol: “Bang!”

This year has been pretty fun for her though, and she is liking cross country more than ever. She’s also running farther and achieving faster run times.

And she still hates running. But she likes cross country. It must be an “I like boats but not the ocean” kind of thing. 🙂


Michael – 7th Grade Football. Much of the same hoopla as Matthew’s Varsity games, except everything is …shorter. The games, the players and the cheerleaders! 🙂

This is Michael’s first year in football, and he’s having a blast. That we’ve been toast for the last week or so is illustrated nicely by Michael in the back seat of the car after his game. 😛


I’ve been reminded here lately that time is a greasy bullet that left the barrel 10 minutes ago. In other words, it flies by pretty fast.


Leona and I are striving to embrace these moments while they are happening and while our kids are still at arm’s length…


We want to enjoy the blessings of the day.

…”Frazzled Fam Time” and all.


3 thoughts on “Frazzled Fam Time

  1. I used to do that…no not cheerleading or football. the band part, you know that first pic. Yep I was in the marching band. oh the memories

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