Feeling the Heat in My Old Honkin’ Van

A few of you may remember a post from a few years ago about some trouble we were having with the family van. My favorite line from that post was “As I drive into the parking lot of the mechanic, the thing is still honking like a constipated duck in a yodeling class.” 8)

Well, we still have the van and it has new problems, now. Apparently, a hose (or two) connected to the cooling system is busted, and it completely drains the radiator in about 15 minutes or so. Not cool. … And yes, I’m afraid that the pun is intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In addition to the hose issues, there’s also a belt that’s screaming like a hyena on crack. … (Just sticking with the format, here. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

So yesterday afternoon, we had a short window of time when Leona could follow along in our other car while I drove the van to the mechanic. The shop is only 8 to 10 minutes away, and was closing in 30 minutes, so I filled the radiator with water and off we went.

When we hit highway 377, we encountered flashing lights, a long line of traffic and a policeman directing us to a detour. Uh oh… I looked at the temperature gauge and all was still well, but I was reeeally hoping this would be a short detour.

As we made a second turn, this is what we encountered. And it stretched for about a mile. Notice the little red light on my dashboard. (Don’t worry. Traffic was at a standstill when I took this with my phone.)


Moments later, Leona was on the phone telling me that the temperature gauge on the car she was driving had suddenly jumped up to “H.” I looked to the right, and there was no shoulder to the road, only a ditch.

Two hot vehicles. Stand still traffic. No where to pull over. Mechanic miles away and shop closing in about 15 minutes.

What the honk do we do now?

(To be continued…)



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