Feeling the Heat in My Old Honkin’ Van (Part 2)

This is the continuation of this post.

Because I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that anything that can go wrong will usually, at the very least, give it a good try to do so, I thought to bring a couple of gallons of water along before we left the house. And as both cars seemed to be feeling the heat, I was glad that I did.

Just over the hill was an intersection and about two minutes later, we had turned off of the busy road and were able to pull into a church parking lot. (Insert heavenly choir music here – Ah – Ah – Ah…… 😮 )

For some reason, the car Leona was driving had returned to normal. The gauge had spiked to “H” for about 30 seconds while we were in the stand-still traffic, but was now back to normal. The radiator was still full, so it must have been a fluke that we’ll need to have checked out later.

I filled the van’s radiator with water, and we set out once again for the mechanic. I was pretty sure they had closed by now, but I figured that we could leave the van in their parking lot and stop back by the first thing in the morning.

Surprisingly but happily for us, they were still open and got the van set up to be taken care of the next day. We were on our way about 5 minutes after arriving at the shop.

After replacing the top coolant hose (Cha-), the lower coolant hose (Cha-), a major belt (Cha-), and a couple of minor parts (Wait for it…. Ching!), the van is now running great. Much love and thanks to my brother Kenny and his wife, Angela for helping us make that happen!


(This photo makes me laugh because it looks like I’ve shaved my head…)

It turns out that the major traffic jam we were in was caused by a multi-car wreck on highway 377, resulting in at least one child being transported by “Care Flight” to the hospital. Learning that news put our problems in perspective pretty fast…

As for our “overheated old honkin’ van,” we are still thankful for it.

It no longer incessantly honks and it no longer gets overheated.

I, however, may continue to do both. 😀

But let’s all collectively hope that I don’t….


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