So Long, Mr. Goulet

He was old school; he was new school. Robert Goulet was one of those performers who made the transition from classic to contemporary with a wink and a smile. He has now made the final appointment that awaits us all, and has passed away at age 73.

My kids knew him as the singing voice of “Mikey” from the Disney cartoon, “Recess.” You may know him as the guy in the “Emerald Nuts” commercial or as the person parodied by Will Farrel on Saturday Night Live.  Many people knew him as a great baritone and classic performer.

I knew him as the guy who sang “On A Clear Day” and whose personae always made me laugh in a good natured way.

Here’s the episode from Recess (10 minutes long) where Mikey’s voice is discovered. I don’t know how long it’ll be available, but this video makes me laugh. (If you’re pressed for time, start at -7:15 and watch through -5:22 … about a minute and a half.)

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I heard about his passing on the radio this morning, felt a little nostalgic, and thought I’d share….


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