Sometimes It Pours

Rain, that is.

And difficulties. It’s just part of the deal.

I’ve spent the last two days in Shreveport with my parents. My mom is recovering from the triple bypass surgery she underwent recently, and my dad has not been doing well for some time. My sister, brothers and I have been doing a little “tag team” visiting to Shreveport to help take care of things while my mom is recovering.

I returned home late last night, and this afternoon received a phone call from my brother who informed me that my dad had a stroke about an hour or so after I left.

So now both of my parents are in the hospital. Two separate hospitals, actually, and I’m on my way out the door to head back to Shreveport. To those of you who pray for us occasionally, I’d appreciate your prayers for my parents, Bill and Billie Leckie.

Their 47th wedding anniversary is tomorrow (Sunday, 11/4).


Some recent words of encouragement:

  1. A blog post from January 2006
  2. A couple of verses of Scripture I recently memorized
  3. Last Sunday’s Message by Brandon Thomas at Keystone Church
    “Playmaker: Play Through The Pain”
    (Scroll to find the message by this title)

More soon…


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