And Sometimes You’ve Got To Laugh…

Ok, there’s really no way to blog effectively about the last two weeks or so of my life, so blog effectively I will not.  What I will do, however, is share some images and provide a little commentary. 

As I mentioned in my last post, “Sometimes it pours.”  But sometimes, it gets so ridiculous you’ve just got to laugh.

For example, on my first visit back to Shreveport to visit my mom after her bypass surgery, I returned with my Dad to their house where we discovered a little problem.

“I hear water running….There’s no water on anywhere…wait…that’s coming from the wall…”  That’s when we realized that a recently installed bath/shower had “popped a pipe” and flooded the bathroom, home office and hallway. 

As we used to say in East Texas, “Good night, nurse…!”

Plumbing Problem

The next day my dad had a small stroke, lost use of his right hand, and was admitted to a different hospital from my mom.  Nothing to laugh about there, of course.  I had been back in Fort Worth for about 12 hours, but I returned to Shreveport immediately.

Dad Hospital Digs

But after visiting with Dad in the hospital, I was driving back to their place while eating a fast supper on the road, when I felt something “crack loose” in my mouth.

Open Mouth Broken Tooth

Oh, how lovely. 

Half of one of my teeth that had been holding on for dear life around an old filling apparently decided that I had taken one bite too many.  I was feeling no pain, but my mouth was suddenly less crowded.

That was when I started to laugh. 

…and drive very carefully…. 😉


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