Matthew’s Last Game

My oldest son, Matthew is a senior in High School this year.  His friends and teachers know him as “Matt.”  

Matt had his last football game the other night, and we were a part of the festivities.  Before the game began, the seniors on the team were announced with their parents as we walked across the field.  

Matt last game Mom and Dad blur

It was “Matt” who played the game, but it was “Matthew” who presented a carnation to his mom on the 50 yard line.

Matt last game Mom Matt

He wrapped up his last game with style.   On his first play of the game, he did something he’d never done before – he intercepted the ball.   What a hoot.  He told me later that he prayed that God would make this a game he’d remember.   After that play, he laughed and said, “Thanks, God.” 8)

That game marked the end of an era.  Matt/Matthew has played football since seventh grade.   At least one coach thought he’d never make it, but Matthew proved otherwise.

Now a new era begins.  After that last game, he didn’t waste time.  He got job at Target

And that’s a great thing because it’s hard to look cool leaning against the family van. 

Matt Cool Van

Although I must say,  he’s doing a pretty good job of it…


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