All Quiet On The Western Blog

But it won’t be for much longer.

So here are a few things that have happened in the three month (or so) blog silence:

* My parents are both home and struggling with the changes and challenges that are all a part of their recovery. Thanks for continuing to pray for them.

* Our son, Matthew turned 18. …Yeah, I don’t believe it, either.

* For about a week, I was sicker than I can remember ever being. (Apart from food poisoning I picked up at a restaurant back when Matthew was a baby). However, when I went to the Doctor, he spent about 15 seconds talking about my upper respiratory infection, and the rest of the time talking about my ridiculously high blood pressure. (It was 170 over 106) So I’ve cut the salt, started eating more bananas and other fruit, and I’ve been checking it every day, and keeping a record to give to him in about a week or so.

* Since mid November, I’ve been in a temporary position as part of the office staff of Keystone Church in Keller. That is drawing to a close, soon, but it has been an incredible time of being refreshed, learning some better ways to do things, building great friendships, serving strategically, broadening my network of relationships and generally just preparing for what’s ahead. I’ve really enjoyed getting a “behind the scenes” look at a successful church plant and watching God change lives through Keystone Church, the Keystone staff, and the leadership of my friend, Brandon Thomas.

* My ebook, “31 Refutably Irrefutable Laws of Lame Leadership” has been viewed and or downloaded about 2780 times on Scribd, where it was also featured by the editors. It was uploaded by someone I do not know to Slideshare and has been viewed 342 times and downloaded 97 times there (which is very cool, by the way). It inspired the creation of a Facebook group by a person in Bangladesh and it was printed out and distributed by one boss to his entire office staff with the instructions, “If I ever start acting like this, let me know!” …I think it’s now official: I am an authority on lameness. πŸ˜€


* I got together for lunch and church talk with my friend, Steve Dilla. Always fun batting stuff around with Steve.

* A lot of other stuff happened. (Hey, I feel like I’m boring you enough as it is! πŸ˜€ )

When Compass essentially went into “operational pause,” the message from the series, “Adventure Beach” that best described my life at the time was:

Crash: When The Plans Change

The message that best describes what’s going on with me now is:

Strong: Up To The Challenge

Not that I’m “strong,” now necessarily, but it’s definitely where I’m headed. Actually (and I guess in a way, poetically) in one way or another over the past year, I’ve actually experienced all of the main words of that series: Call, Sink, Clash, Sick, Crash, and Strong…

Adventure Beach Series

Which most likely means that the real adventure is just beginning…


2 thoughts on “All Quiet On The Western Blog

  1. Glad to make it on the list of three month bloglessness. Congrats on the book, by the way, very cool!

    Guess the doc rules out any more lunches at Red Robin… Cafe Express here we come!

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