Friday Flicks: “Duel”

Duel” is one of those movies that is visually told, fun to watch, and hard to get out of your head. It is also the first “real” movie ever directed by a young, promising director by the name of Steven Spielberg.

Starring Dennis Weaver and the unnamed, unseen driver of a freaky 18 wheeler, “Duel” debuted in 1971 and set the stage for Spielberg’s career. It’s fun to watch because as with all great suspense movies, it causes you to constantly think about what you would do in the same situation.

If you get the collector’s edition, be sure to watch the short documentaries featuring Spielberg talking about this movie. He believes that without “Duel,” there would have been no “Jaws.”

A few fun bits of trivia:

1. You can see Spielberg’s reflection in a phone booth window in one scene.
2. The main character drives a Plymouth Valiant. I drove a Plymouth Valiant in college. His is orange. Mine was sort of a creme color with a green interior. His has no name. Mine was called the “Gray Poupon.” 8)

If you use Netflix, you can find the movie here.

Oh, and don’t watch the trailer first. The trailer is awful and will make you not want to watch it.

Turn down the lights, grab a snack and remember that this was made in the days before cell phones. And as with any “Friday Flick” I mention here, if you watch it, let me know your thoughts about it…


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