Random Stuff From My Trip To Shreveport

Some random stuff from my quick trip to Shreveport.

* My Dad started smoking when he was 16. He’s now 77. He hasn’t had a cigarette since last November. It’s a pretty amazing achievement and I’m very proud of him.

* A car pulled out in front of me and we were almost in what would have been a pretty bad accident.

* Shreveport has the funniest nurses on the planet.

* One quote from a nurse about her daughter’s boyfriend: “I told her not to just go for money. He don’t have to be rich. But this boy…I don’t know…He sho’ seemed dusty, to me…”

* Ate at R.J.’s Restaraunt with Dad, and was reminded that there are still places to eat that have a very classic “American Diner” feel.

* A clown in a car drove past me. Red nose, wig and makeup. Really weird. And no, it wasn’t a little car.

* I’m thankful that my sister, Penny and her husband, Jeremy live next door to my parents. They’ve been awesome.

* I ate a hamburger on Thursday (Wendy’s), Friday (Whataburger), Saturday (Wendy’s) and Sunday (Home). Before my trip to Shreveport, it had been weeks since I had a hamburger. I’m not eating one today. 🙂

* I saw a lot of Mimosa and Southern Magnolia trees.

* I decided that daily hamburgers will not help lower my blood pressure. 8)


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