Prayer Trek Thursday Night

I just wanted to remind you/let you know about our “Prayer Trek” on Thursday night, 7:00 p.m. at Parking Lot “B” of Cabela’s in Alliance, Texas. The whole “trek” will last about an hour and we will be driving to 4 to 5 locations within a 5 minute drive to pray together.

We would love for you to be there with us. However, if your schedule or location doesn’t allow you to join us, would you pray for us on Thursday, July 31st sometime during the day?

Pray for:

  • The people God wants us to connect with in the Alliance area.
  • Me and my family as we begin this work.
  • Financial provision for this new church.
  • Host Home Families to be identified in each “zone.”
  • People to become Christ Followers even before our first service.
  • For God to be honored in all that we do!

The Leckie family will be making the “trek” even if we are the only ones who are free on that night! I just believe so strongly that the start of this church must be foundationally built upon prayer. We greatly desire to join God in His work and be completely connected to Him as we go…


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