Shreveport: There and Back Again

I just returned from a quick trip to Shreveport, because my Dad fell and broke his hip. Sounds almost like an elderly cliche’ but it’s actually a pretty serious situation for a man his age who has had several mini-strokes over the past year or so. He made it through the surgery pretty well, but has a lot of recovering to do. Thanks for continuing to pray for him.

Mentioning my trip to Shreveport on Twitter automatically updated my status on Facebook, causing my friend Deann Alford to contact me about some photos of our old stomping grounds. That reminded me of some photos I had taken on my trip to Shreveport back in November when both of my parents were in the hospital, and I was able to send those along.

Deann wrote the cover story in Christianity Today back in March of 2007 called “Free At Last!,” and wrote the cover story of the August 2008 issue called “Racing For Jesus.” She has a novel in the works that is based, in part, on her experiences growing up in what is now a very rough neighborhood.

Here are a few blasts from my very early past:

My Elementary School. Three floors and no air conditioning at the time.

Everything is hotter in Louisiana. 😉

I spent the first five years of my life in this little house. It was painted white in those days. “We wuz po’ but proud.” 🙂

I’m fairly certain I was in Kindergarten when this tree was planted on Arbor Day. I think those are the same tires we used to play on. Call it a scene of “industrial green.” 😀

Speaking of, that’s Atlas Oil Refinery behind those trees. I created many an imaginary adventure here.

Fulton Street, where I lived from Kindergarten through my Senior year of High School. (I was in the first graduating class, but I noticed that I’m not listed in the list of distinguished alumni on the school’s wikipedia page. Hm, must be an oversight.) 🙂

Behind the church building where I was saved, baptized, and called into full time ministry. On the days I walked home from church, hopping from stump to stump here was a regular ritual. This church sold the property and disbanded a few years ago. Throughout its history, it was the best and worst of what church can be. And that story, of course, is a post for another day.

So where’s your “there?” Have you been back again?


2 thoughts on “Shreveport: There and Back Again

  1. Are you by chance related to Billy Leckie from Shreveport? I went to high school with him and I have wondered many times where he is now. Just wondering.

  2. Hi, Cindi,

    Yes, Billy Leckie is my older Brother, although he generally goes by “Bill” these days. 🙂

    He is currently the pastor of North Gate Church in Bentonville, Arkansas and has a band called, appropriately enough, “The Bill Leckie Band.”

    You can find him on Facebook, also, if you’d like to drop him a line.

    Thanks for stopping by, Cindi!

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