Do You Need A Godly Kick in the Pants?

Colossians 4:17
And say to Archippus, “Be sure to carry out the work the Lord gave you.” – NLT

It’s almost a footnote.  It sounds like it has just been “thrown in” at the end of the letter.  You may have never seen it before, or if you have, maybe you read right past it.  But if you are Archippus, it is like an arrow straight to your heart.

Not a lot is known about Archippus (by us, anyway) other than the fact that his name means, “Horse Master” (a common Greek name at the time), that he was probably a member of the household of Philemon, and that he was a leader in the church.

But Consider This:

  1. The assignment/task/work/ministry given to Archippus was from God, not just something Archippus had decided to do.
  2. Although God would certainly enable him for the task, God expected Archippus to actually do it.
  3. Archippus apparently knew what God wanted Him to do.
  4. Archippus had possibly stalled out, hesitated, or was discouraged.
  5. Archippus needed a reminder that His assignment was from God.
  6. Archppus needed to be encouraged to stay on track and finish the job.
  7. God had not given up on or forgotten about Archippus or the assignment He had given him.

Archippus is only mentioned 2 times in the Bible.  The first time he is reminded to finish the work, and the second time he is greeted by Paul as a “fellow soldier.”  Apparently the nudge was successful.

So what about you?  Your name may not be Archippus, but could these things also be said of you?

Has God given you an assignment? Are you stalling?  Are you dragging your feet?  Are you starting to check out?  Do you need a reminder?

If so, then please hear this loving, encouraging “kick in the pants” and get back to work, soldier. You’re on a mission from God, after all…


2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Godly Kick in the Pants?

  1. this is good Johnny, thanks for this!

    Whenever I start to get off track by human ambition and even all the great stuff I hear others are doing, I am reminded of 2Tim 2:4. I am not applying this to those rare moments when someone’s dream or vision is really after God’s heart, but sometimes even then you have to stick to the affairs He has given you … it usually is only for a season.

    This has been a particularly difficult season of sowing for us, and the kick in the pants I need is to be encouraged to keep the eyes of our heart on Jesus.

    miss you bro!


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