It’s All About God…And People.


If you are a follower of Jesus, you go where He leads and you care about what He cares about – and that always leads to people. 

If you want to say, “No, it leads to making God famous!” then I have to ask, “Famous to who?” And again, we’re talking about people.

The Bible is about God’s revelation of Himself and His redemption of people.

Some Christians seem to imply that people are irrelevant in ministry because it’s “all about God.”  Um… Hello? I think something’s being missed, there…

Sometimes I want to shout to these well meaning Christians  something along the lines of:

Yo!  Dude!  You are People!  And that ‘whooshing sound’ you just heard was the point sailing past your head…

I understand what is meant by the phrase, “It’s all about God.”  I’m just saying that if that is indeed the case, then we should care about what God cares about.

And God cares about people.


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