Roofer Madness


Recently, a huge hail storm came through our area.  It was pretty freaky.  Some of the hail was baseball sized, and the storm caused a lot of damage in our neighborhood.  I suspected that we’d probably be hearing from “hail damage repair” companies before long.

Then it happened.   The next day we were up to our roof in roofing companies.

First, it was one door hanger.  Then two, then three.  “Ralph’s Roofing Company!”  “Big Top Roofing Company!” “Roofy Roof’s Roofing Company!”  For over a week – no kidding – we received 3 to 4 door hangers a day promoting one roofing company or another.

Then the signs began springing up. “Shingles R Us Roofing Company!” “Better’n Yer Neighbors’ Roofing Company!”  All over the neighborhood there were lawn signs advertising the companies that my neighbors had chosen to repair their roofs.  … Er, rooves?   Whatever.  It looked like a campaign season.

Then the doorbell started ringing.  Literally, the roofing companies started going door to door.  I personally talked with 3 or 4 representatives.  At least 2 of them explained to me that the other roofing companies were using all sorts of gimmicks and some of them were even breaking the law!  (Apparently it is against a Federal law for a company to pay your home insurance deductable for you.)  These guys were very nice, generally respectful and kept their visit short.

Then we started receiving mailers.  “Super Roofer Roofing Company!”  “Roof Roof Rover’s Roofing Company!” There they were in my mailbox along with Grocery store circulars and Furniture Store inserts.

Then I started seeing random signs around town at railroad crossings and traffic lights.  I’m surpised I even noticed them before the Fort Worth code enforcement car started removing them.

So to sum up:  We had a real need.  We were bombarded with door hangers, signs, personal visits and direct mail.

  • The door hangers became annoying after the 3rd one.
  • The signs were just a sea of noise – no one sign impressed more than another.
  • The personal visits, though amiable, were uninvited sales pitches nonetheless.
  • The mailers were just one more piece of junk mail.
  • The random signs around town just seemed like desperate cries for help.

And we’ve decided on no one.  (Not sure we can meet our deductable anyway. )

But if we do, it won’t be because one door hanger was cooler than another or because I drove past a sea of signs and thought, “That one.  That blue one there in the middle.  That’s the company for us!”

I very much could be wrong (I often am) but I have a feeling it will be because of something else.    And that something else will have to wait for another post.

And yes, churches sometimes come across like roofing companies. 🙂


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