A Long Walk Home

Heads Up: This is a long post. But it’s also kind of short post, because there are pictures! Enjoy.

Our Honda started overheating again so I took it to the mechanic. I had to leave it there. But since it was a beautiful day and I was only a few miles from home, I decided to walk. I didn’t have to do it, I just wanted to do it.

June 2009 04907 June 2009 04915

I wasn’t in a hurry, and the breeze was nice. My first stop was a neighborhood park for a few sips of water at a water fountain and a short time of prayer & reflection.

June 2009 04918

Feeling refreshed, I moved on. As I walked, I was struck by the variety of landscapes and scenery of the Alliance, Texas area. At one point (as in one of the pics below) I could see a “stamp sized” Texas Motor Speedway crunched between some trees.

June 2009 04924 June 2009 04925 June 2009 04926 June 2009 04927 June 2009 04930 June 2009 04931

Watch a few seconds of the walk through some trees here.

Texas heat is sometimes deceiving. A cool breeze and a little shade can make you wonder why you’re beginning to break a sweat. And I was beginning to break a sweat.

But what’s a little sweat on an adventure? Actually, it’s probably not an adventure without a little sweat.

On I walked.

June 2009 04937 June 2009 04936

I know what you’re thinking about that last set of photos: “How’d he take those photos?” Well, the answer is really complicated and involves the implementation of high tech procedures and satellites and such, so I probably had better not tell you. In fact, I’ve probably told you too much already.  Let’s move on.

The walk and the view continued.  The vines were creepy, but kind of cool.

June 2009 04939 June 2009 04941

As cars passed me, I began to realize that I probably looked like a drifter, walking wearily along with my backpack. …And my goofy sunglasses.  …And my phone.

June 2009 04944

As I approached our neighborhood, about 5 miles were behind me. Before me was my lovely wife, Leona – greeting me at the entrance to our neighborhood with a smile on her face and a mug of iced water for me in her left hand. Our dog, Molly, trotted along on the leash in Leona’s right.

Melissa and Michael were waiting in the park.  We hung out under the shade of the pavilion for a while, chewing ice and watching Molly strain against the leash and whimper menacingly at the ducks.

June 2009 04948 June 2009 04952 June 2009 04953 June 2009 04954

By the time we’re back to the house, I’m reminded yet again of how blessed I am. Sure, the Van is toast and the Honda is most likely looking at another part replacement, but I’ve still got a lot to be thankful for.

…Ok, and a sunburn on my noggin to beat the band.

June 2009 11412


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