Summer Reading and Re-Reading

Reading, re-reading and hoping to read a variety of books this summer.  Categories are all over the map – Church planting, Theology, business, leadership, marketing, fiction and fun stuff.  I may add to or take away from this list as the summer goes on, but here’s where I stand at the moment.

NLT Study BibleSm

Ok, I know this one is kind of obvious, but I wanted to be specific.  I won a copy of the NLT Study Bible in a Twitter Contest several weeks ago, so I’m going to be using it for my Bible reading this summer.  My goal is to make my way through the New Testament before September.

Some of the following books I have already read, and am now either skimming, focusing on certain chapters or re-reading completely.  Others, I’m starting for the first time.  You can find most of them on Amazon.

Summer Books 2009

Notice the “Studies in Hebrews” by Herschel H. Hobbs from 1954.  How about that “spare no expense” flashy cover? 🙂

Finally, here are a few I hope to read, but haven’t purchased, yet.

Three to Read

What are you reading this summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Reading and Re-Reading

  1. Great list Johnny. I need to pick up a copy of “Free Prize Inside.”

    I’m wrapping up “Jesus Wants To Save Christians” this week, have a small stack to pick from after that.

  2. Great list! May I reccomend: “Simple Church” by Ranier and “Essential Church” by Ranier and “Launch”, I forget the author.

  3. @Steven – Love to hear your take on that one.

    @Bill – I’ve poured over “Launch!” quite a bit. Probably should have listed it. It’s by Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas. I’m familiar w/ “Simple Church” and “Essential Church,” but have not read them. Definitely need to add those!

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