Preaching is for People.

Billy Sunday - you ole hypocrite 2

This may be a loaded sentence, but basically, at Stoneview we will teach people the Bible more than we teach the Bible to people.

(Don’t get lost in the wording, there. I’m talking about the “how” now, not the “what,” brown cow. 😀 )

This is because we want people to understand the Bible and we care enough to communicate it in a way they will understand.

Preaching is for people. If you’re a preacher, I hope you don’t think you’re preaching to God… He already knows this stuff.  If you’re not interested in teaching people the Bible, you don’t really need the people, do you? You can do that alone in your study.

I will not be doing the deep exegetical study in front of everyone as I’m delivering the message.  That will happen before and in preparation for the delivery of the message.  The goal is that the “deep, accurate message” is clear and understandable.

I’ve heard deep, accurate sermons that connected with the hearers and I’ve heard deep, accurate sermons that bored the heck out of people and caused them to walk away not understanding anything.

The Bible is deep.

It’s also simple.

It’s never simplistic.

I want people to understand as much as possible as the Spirit opens their hearts to hear.


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