10 Crazy Creative Goals

Doing a little bit of “Life Inventory” right now, and that involves evaluating and making new goals for everything from family, church, finances, productivity and more.  But I also have some fun and creative goals that are just sitting on the bench waiting to get into the game.

Some of them are immediately achievable and others are “shoot for the stars” kinds of goals that may take on a new form as I move forward with them.  Actually, just making a few fake covers was pretty motivating…

So from my notebook of crazy creative goals, here are 10 that I’d like to see happen over the summer and/or within the next couple of years or so:

1. Finish and make available for download: 15 Backpack Essentials For Christian Leaders.

( This has gone from the original 10 to 14, and is currently 15! )

2. Draw or Paint something.

( Circa 1982, this little scribble is a nod to my CPMHS pals out there…)

3. Write a book about church stuff.

(Just a working title for an outline I’ve had in a notebook for about 5 years.)

4. Create something to sell on Etsy or Zazzle.

5. Write a book for kids.

(This is actually already finished, but the rest of the illustrations are not…)

6. Write a novel for grownups and/or young adults.

(I’ve had the title for this story since High School.)

7. Start a business on the side.

8. Create and make available another music project.

9. Do something fun with food and blog about it – Make homemade salsa (again), root beer, ice cream, or something more quirky.

10. Go on a weekend adventure – Climb a mountain, canoe down a river, explore caves or travel to a destination from a scene in a movie.

(Image from “Road Scenes from ‘It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’“)

Do you have any “crazy creative goals?”  What are they?

Are they just dreams, or are you doing something today to make them a reality?

Maybe it’s time they made the trip from your head to the notebook  to the calendar.  🙂


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