Creativity and Innovation

Something I’ve been chewing on for some time is this concept:

Innovation must be driven by discipline, and creativity must be channeled through order.…Otherwise you just end up with a great big, cool and pretty mess of inneffective stuff.” – Me. 🙂

Sometimes I find that my right brain creeps over to my left and picks a fight, and a ballroom blitz ensues. Then paint, ideas and scribbles are left all over the place in in a right brain victory while undone to-do lists, missed deadlines and a messy desk are scattered around in the wake of a left brain loss.

And poor “Mr. Left Brain” really only wanted to help “Mr. Right Brain” be successful.  …Boy my right brain can really be a punk, sometimes.

This is not a good thing.

It’s been said that a pond or lake may be able to sprawl out widely but a river channeled through the right river banks can become a powerful force. (or something like that) I’m discovering every day just how true that concept is, and how important it is for me to keep working on it.

Maybe I should make the whole “disciplined innovation” or “channeled creativity” concept a regular feature here. But first my left brain needs to build a little bit of muscle and street smarts to handle his own with my right…


2 thoughts on “Creativity and Innovation

  1. Beautifully worded portrait of the left/right struggle…you’ve presented it well using plenty of right-brain adjectives, while keeping the left-brain logic of channeling creativity as the focus. Nicely done.

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