When To “Move On” In Ministry (Part 3)

Read Part 1 here.  Read Part 2 here.

Sometimes it’s clear.  Other times, there are indicators that point in a certain direction.   Here are two more:

3. Your family begins to suffer beyond the normal risk/sacrifice ratio required for ministry.

There is a delicate balance between one’s responsibility to provide for one’s family and the necessity for one’s family to make certain sacrifices for the sake of the call.   When the balance tips in the direction of not being healthy for your family, it may be an indicator that a search for a new place of ministry is in order.

It’s much easier to move into a new ministry than to get a new family.

4.  The advice and counsel of Godly, trusted people outside of your ministry suggests you consider a move.

Sometimes an outside perspective from someone who has nothing to gain but the joy of seeing you succeed can bring insight you might never discover on your own.  If you are wrestling with the issue of staying or moving on from your current ministry, find wise advisors who can keep things in confidence and give you their take on things.  (Be sure to have a good wisdom filter in place when you do so.)

But when these good people suggest that you consider the  possibility of moving “out of the blue” as it were, without any prompting from you – it may indicate that it’s time to consider packing up and heading out.

I have some final thoughts on all of this that I’ll share in the next and last post of this series.


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