When To “Move On” In Ministry (Part 4)

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Sometimes it’s clear.  Sometimes it is not. These posts list possible indicators that it’s time to “move on” in ministry.  Again, all of these possible “indicators” are just that – “possible.”  Please understand that they could also simply be distractions from your calling or mission, or “red light indicators” that something in your life, family or ministry is in trouble and needs attention.

As with all things, praying, fasting and seeking God’s direction continuously can help bring clarity and focus to your situation.

That said, here are two more:

5. You can no longer honestly follow or support the leadership.

Obviously, this assumes that you are not the lead guy.  But if you find that there are “one too many” things that you can’t see eye to eye on with the leadership, it’s most likely time to get going.

The longer you stay, the more unhappy and ineffective you, the leadership and the church will become.  Better to part ways in a God honoring way than to allow things to boil.  (See Law #6 – The Law of the Scorched Pan in my free ebook.)

6. You’re at an impenetrable brick wall.

Basically, this is when you have no support, are not received well, or your opportunity for success has passed.  Nothing seems to work.  There is no progress and no impression from God that you need to stay the course and keep hammering away.

I believe these times are similar to the situation that Jesus described to His disciples in Matthew 10:14, Mark 6:11 and Luke 9:5 – Essentially, if no one listens to you and you are not welcomed, “shake the dust” of your sandals and move on.

Don’t waste your life banging your head against a brick wall. If God wants you to stay He will give you that conviction, but if not – the fields are white for harvest and there are people everywhere who need Jesus.


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