Random Updates, Hodgepodge and Whatnot

Sounds a bit like an odd law firm, doesn’t it?

There are times when I have a series of unrelated, short items, links and updates that I’d like to post but they don’t warrant a post of their own and are too long for Twittter.

Some bloggers  do posts of this sort with fun titles like “Wednesday Run Down” or “Sunday Mind Dump” or something like that.  So maybe I should call this “Weekly Whatnot.”  Or how about “Hodgepodge For 4-28-2011,” “Random Rundown: 4/28,” or “Here’s A Bunch of Random Stuff That’s Unrelated But That You May Be Interested In.”  🙂

Whatever.  Enough with the names.  Let’s get on with it: 

* Tonight at 7pm CST – Live Video Stream: “An Overview of One Mad Christmas” Leona and I will be discussing many aspects of the musical, ideas for a successful production, and how “One Mad Christmas” is actually a “Retro-Relevant” stage play that can be a great outreach for your church in 2011.  …Really!  One Mad Christmas Site | Livestream Video Site

* This Sunday morning, my oldest son, Matt, will be “licensed” into Ministry at the Church he’s serving as Youth Pastor.  Yes, we’re proud. 🙂

*  Being without a car is ridiculous, and the last several weeks have been a challenge, to say the least.  Yes, we’re still stranded.  Yes, there are some things in the works.  Hopefully, we’ll have a way to see Matt’s licensing service on Sunday…

* We attended one service and served in two at Keystone Church in Keller on Easter.  Amazing weekend.  Over 2,300 in attendance over 5 services, 83 people became Christ Followers, and 54 people were baptized (several were spontaneous following placing their faith in Christ).  The opener to the service was awesome.  Watch the video itself here and the live version here.  The live version has the transition into the service, which was pretty cool, itself. 🙂

* I’m very close to posting my Resume’.  I had to take a little time to reflect, pray, and determine the best focus for my next step in Ministry.  In the meantime, I’m available to speak at your church,  assist with outreach strategies, lead worship, lead seminars, retreats, and more.  Please contact me at  johnnyleckie[at]gmail.com to talk about how I can serve your ministry.

* I’m posting random photos, videos and miscellaneous stuff on Posterous and Twitpic.  Actually, most of the places you can find me online are all here: Flavors.me/johnnyleckie

* You know the world has changed, right?  If you’re still sad that nobody uses typewriters any more, it may be time to wake up and smell the 2011:  Social Media Revolution 2 Refresh

Notice the “retro” and “modern” vibe that I have going, right now.  It’s a good and balanced place to be…


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