RUHAW* / 2

*Random Updates Hodgepodge And Whatnot #2:

“Here’s a bunch of random stuff that’s unrelated but that you may be interested in.” 🙂

My daughter, Melissa is home for the summer!  She finished her first year of college with excellent grades and additional scholarships.  The school actually owed her money at the end of the year.  Yes, again, we are proud. 🙂

I love the creativity of @RealCoryEdwards & his new project launching May 16th exclusively on Twitter:  He will be “telling a story in single TWEETS, or ‘TWITTERSODES,’ and each will have a SINGLE IMAGE attached. This series will unfold over ten days, two tweets a day…”  “Roger” is also on Twitter and has a blog.  Cool. Creative. Fun.

This is a great video about doing Church in a Theater.  I can’t drive by a movie theater these days without thinking about how it would be a great location for a church…

Here’s another one of those movies that you probably haven’t seen but is worth a look:  “The Big Heat” (1953) starring Glenn Ford, Gloria Graham and Lee Marvin.  Glenn Ford is as tough as nails in this scene starting @ 0:37  If that hat comes back in style, I’m getting one.

I have been reading a number of novels written for “Young Adults,” lately.  Wrapping up the “Mortal Engines” Quartet, now.  Interesting how “gods” and God are referenced in these secular books.

Why am I reading YA books? 1. They’re pretty fun reads.  2. I’d like to write a few.  3. I’m inspired/motivated by this 26 year old young lady who became a millionaire in one year by selling her YA novels online as ebooks.  Sounds like a great summer project….

After all of my yammering last year, I’m kind of surprised I didn’t hear any feedback on my awesome rendition of “Dean Martin holding an iPad” in the last “RUHAW.”


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