In The Meantime

During this ministry interlude,  I’m doing odd jobs and whatever I can scrounge up while seeking where God wants us to be next.  (See my résumé here.)

Sometimes living in the “meantime” can be a “mean time” financially.  Here are a few things I’ve got cooking that you can pray for us about or participate with us in during the “mean” meantime. 🙂

1. One Mad Christmas – Leona and I created this dramatic musical production a number of years ago about people who thought that more money would solve all of their problems. There’s certainly a touch of irony in the fact that as churches license the musical, it helps provide income for us during this time. Great reminders in this musical, though, of what’s really most important in this life.

If you know of a church that is searching for a dramatic musical for this year’s Christmas production or dinner theater, please send them our way: One Mad Christmas.  You can download the preview files here: Preview Files (includes the whole script:  One Mad Christmas Running Script )

2. Ministry – We are actively involved in Keystone Church in Keller, Texas as members, but I am available to serve in a number of ways while waiting for our next ministry assignment.  Obviously, this is the area of my calling and where I believe I can do the most good.

* Preaching – It would be an honor to speak at your church if you have a need.  My background and theology are Southern Baptist, but I’m open to speaking wherever I’m invited.


Clash: Hope For Hard Hearts“ || “Fleeting Glances: Affair Proofing Your Marriage

Crash: When The Plans Change“ || “Relationship Connection Breakers

* Short Term Staff Member – Sometimes churches can’t afford to bring on an additional staff member for a whole year, but might be able to bring someone in for a month or two to start new ministries, strengthen existing ones or fill in as a short term interim.  If that’s you, I’d love to talk to you about how we can make that happen!

* Basic Design & Media – I can provide simple media creation (designs/videos) for churches w/ few financial resources.  My resources are limited also, so I can relate.


The Crossing – TV spot (Video)

Designs & Series Branding:

* Miscellaneous – I can assist with outreach strategies, lead worship, lead seminars, retreats, and more

3. Any Job that’s available. – The truth is, I’m willing to work in any capacity to provide for my family during this time.  Hourly wages, one time projects, you name it – I’m open to it.

Thanks for praying for us during the “mean time” of the meantime.  If you know of an opportunity that could be helpful for us or if you could pass this along, my family and I would appreciate it very much.

Contact me at

Now.  How can I pray for you?

By the way:  God is good!  In good times and in bad. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! 🙂


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