A Plan For When The Plans Change (Part 2)

Based on my message, “Crash: When the Plans Change,” (Acts 27:1-28:10) here’s part two of the playbook for navigating into what’s next:

(Read Part 1 Here.)

6. Develop strong relationships. [Acts 27:1, 3, 6; 42-43] Invest in family, neighbors, friends and community. There’s never a bad time to do this.

7. Share the truth. (Acts 27:30-32)  Share Christ with neighbors and others in your community – there is no “break” from this. The mission is for all Christ followers, not just for church planters!

8. Stay connected to God. (Acts 27:35) Spend daily time in prayer and Scripture, keeping the ‘God lines’ clear.  This is often the first thing to drop to the bottom of the priority list when things go awry. Flip that order around.

9.  Meet your needs. (Acts 27:33-36) Get lots of mental and physical rest, eat right, build financial resources, pay bills, and spend focused time with your spouse and kids. Take time for evaluating and planning.  This is not unspiritual, but sometimes, it is actually the most spiritual thing you can do in the moment. (See 1 Kings 19:1-8)

10. Meet the needs of others. (Acts 28:7-10) Keep volunteering, looking to meet needs in your neighborhood, community and circle of friends. For me,  doing this confirms in me the authenticity of the serving, because I truly have no strings attached…

When in doubt, love God and love people. Work on becoming and learning. Plans and “next steps” will generally follow and flow through that.


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