A “Mean Time” Snapshot

Some of you may have been wondering what I’ve been up to during the “mean time” that we have been in for a while, now.  Here’s a snapshot of the latest:

1. Tons of Transcription, Notes, Summaries and Data Entry for “AideData,” an Information and E-Commerce Solutions company located in The Colony, Texas.  Dull as dirt, but helps pay the bills, so I’m thankful. 🙂

2. Some Design Work for a Youth Ministry.  Two samples are below.  The first was for a Retreat with the theme of “Freedom,” and the second was for a Series for High Schoolers.  (The icons were personalized for the group).

3.  Administering the SAT. Again, dull as dirt, but helps pay the bills. 🙂  Bonus:  During the test I had an idea for an adventure novel for the YA market called, “Test Day Blue.”  Adding it to the Idea journal, for now…

4. Video Work for The Crossing, an awesome church near Anchorage, Alaska.  Below is a simple opener for a Sermon Series called “Family Matters.”  I put together the video, but the series design is by Jennifer Nottingham.

* Incidentally, if you’d like for me to do some design or video work along these lines, drop me a line at:

5. Serving as one of the Group Leaders for The Student Event at Keystone Church.  My group (along with another Leader) will consist of 7th Grade Boys.  Not sure what I was thinking, but it should be fun! 😛

6. A New Ministry I’m working on that is in the developmental stage.  I’ll tell you more as it all comes together…and even if it doesn’t. 😀

Your church is looking for a Pastor?  View my Resume’ here.


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