Dispatch From The Front – 1

What’s been up with us, lately:

1. This summer, I performed the wedding ceremony of my first born son, Matthew and his new bride, Dani, in her home state of Michigan.  It was a profound, exhausting and joyful experience and we are very proud of them both. Dani is a wonderful young lady and we are so happy to have her as our daughter-in-law!

2. Within the past six months, we’ve been in conversations/interviews with two different churches about the possibility of me joining their staff.  Both situations ended up being closed doors for us, but God has used these experiences to fine tune my vision and keep me moving in the right direction.  We received very specific answers to prayer in these situations and we’re looking forward to what’s ahead!

3. As we pray and seek God’s direction for our next steps, Leona and I have been on the Daniel Fast for the past two weeks.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually gone that long without a cup of coffee! We are really passionate about hearing from God during this time, though, so it’s a tiny price to pay. The third and final week of our fast ends on Sunday, October 21st. We appreciate those of you who are praying for and with us during this time!

4. Leona and I have been getting out of the house pretty frequently, lately to hit some of the trails within driving distance of our house in Fort Worth.  It’s been nice to blow out the cobwebs in my head and enjoy an active outdoor diversion during the week. We discovered some places I didn’t even know existed around here using National Geographic’s AllTrails App.  And in case you missed it, we made a video of our first outing ‘for posterity” and posted it here: “So We Decided To Hit The Trail.”

5. Although we’re not sure where we’re headed next,  I will say that this “unnamed” city/area keeps coming back to our minds.  We’re kind of seeing it everywhere we turn.  If you recognize the skyline or live there, we’d love to hear from you but I think for now I’ll just leave it at that until we have clearer direction…

[end of dispatch]



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