A Call To Physical Fitness – 4 Targets (Part Two)

This is Part 2 of the 2nd follow-up post to this one: “Targets We’re Aiming For.”  Part 1 is here.

Beach Runner b pt2

During our recent time on “The Daniel Fast,” my wife, Leona and I sensed God giving us five “general impressions” that we are now working out with specific, measurable targets.

One of those “general impressions” was a “call to physical fitness.” Here are two more targets:

  • Specific Target 3:  Continue developing healthy nutritional habits: More fruits and vegetables, less red meat, salt, sugar and preservatives. The Daniel Fast gave us a good kick in the pants, nutritionally speaking, and we want to keep the momentum of that going forward.

Fruit and Veggie Stand slim

A fun app we’ve been using to help us eat more fruit and vegetables is the “Munch 5-A-Day” App. Although you can turn the sounds off, they’re pretty hilarious and give you the feeling of being at the farm on a breezy, sunny day. When you “munch” a serving of fruit or vegetables in the real world, you click the appropriate icon in the app and it “chomp, chomp, chomps” away the image and adds a “point” to your goal of  “5 a day.” Simple, fun way to be reminded to eat enough fruit and veggies each day…

Munch 5 A Day App

  • Specific Target 4:  Get to bed between 10 pm and 10:30 pm on weeknights.  This has been a real challenge but we are already feeling the benefits. We’re not getting to sleep at that time, but we are heading to bed at that time. We both have been doing a little reading before nodding off, but before we started aiming for this target, it would be 12:30 am – 1:30 am before the zzz’s kicked in. Now, the sooner our head hits the pillow, the sooner we’re getting to sleep.

Pillows on bed 4

We had a few more targets on this one and that’s probably because it’s an area in which we need the most work!  I’ll share our 3rd “General Impression” and the targets that go along with it in the next post.


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