A Call To Create – 2 Targets

This is the 3rd follow-up post to this one: “Targets We’re Aiming For.” The first is here.  The second is here. During our recent time on “The Daniel Fast,” my wife, Leona and I sensed God giving us five “general impressions” that we are now working out with specific, measurable targets.

Typewriter Keys

Most of our targets are  simple, small steps that are obvious in their purpose but profound in their implementation. Here’s the third. It’s not quite as “simple.”

3. General Impression:  A call to create – Complete unfinished creative projects and start and develop new ones. 

  • Specific Target 1: FINISH and make available “15 Backpack Essentials for Christian Leaders.” If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember a post I uploaded a while back called, “10 Crazy Creative Goals.”   One of those “creative goals”  in particular, “15 Backpack Essentials For Christian Leaders,” is really a foundational  document for our next steps in ministry and it’s pretty embarrassing that I haven’t finished it long before now.  I’ve been “working” on it for a long time now and have many written and audio notes for it in a project file, so I have no excuses. My “drill down” specific goal for this project is 10 pages a week plus revisions, wrapping up by Groundhog Day (2/2) of 2013….
  • Specific Target 2: Create and finish at least two new creative projects in 2013:  This one is also mostly for me although Leona also has a few ideas floating around and there is at least one project that we’re working through together.   Leona and I love creating new things and feel we need to bring to life some of the ideas we’ve had over the past year.  We have several creative projects on the list already, including everything from novels to worship ministry projects to podcasts.  I’m not sure if we sense the need to do this because we won’t have the opportunity or time later or if completing these things will help facilitate our next move – but either way, the creating, developing and producing starts now.

Leckie Writing Projects 2012-13

For accountability, I’ll be posting my weekly “writing pages” progress via Twitter each week.  <—(I just typed that with a twinge of fear and hesitation. But there’s nothing like a publicly stated goal to provide motivation for accomplishing something, so, here we go.)

Tools for accomplishing these targets: 

Nothing fancy here – just a few basics.

1. Microsoft Word – For writing. (There are better programs for this, but it’s what I have and it will handle the job.)

Microsoft Word 2

2. Google Drive – For organizing audio notes, creating project folders and backing up documents.

Google Drive

3. Google Calendar – For scheduling “writing” times and deadlines, including “change of scenery” days to add variety. Also for scheduling “coffee shop” story-boarding times with Leona. 🙂

Google Calendar

I’ll share the fourth set of “general impressions” and the targets that accompany it in the next post.


3 thoughts on “A Call To Create – 2 Targets

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