Missed Targets

Missed Target 2

As I have been sharing our targets and such, I probably should have mentioned earlier that “missed targets” are a normal part of “aiming at targets.”  In fact, how we deal with the misses can determine whether or not we we are ultimately successful in making lasting changes in life.

So what do we do when we miss a target? How can we fix the situation? We simply gather up our arrows and aim again.

Over the past week as we have been traveling and shopping and enjoying time with family, we’ve missed several of our targets.  Here’s a snapshot:

Goal: Couch to 5K – Totally blew it. Ran tonight for the first time in a week.

Goal: Eat “5-A-Day” (Fruits and Vegetables) – Pretty lame. I had a few days where I ate NO fruits and vegetables at all and a few where my high number was “3.”

Goal: Get to bed between 10pm and 10:30pm on weeknights – Happened very rarely over the past 7 days. …And by “very rarely,” I mean, “I think it may have happened once.”

So to course correct, we now have a plan for getting back on track by the weekend. We ran tonight by pushing our “Couch to 5K” app schedule back a couple of weeks, have added more fruit and vegetables into our meals today and will be back on our sleeping schedule by Monday Tuesday (Forgot about New Year’s Eve. 🙂 ).

The key is to always keep going. I’ll be sharing our next “General Impression” and the targets that accompany it some time next week.

Are you moving forward with any “targets” for your life? Have you missed any? How’d you get back on track? We’d love to hear about it through your comments.


3 thoughts on “Missed Targets

  1. I had a great conversation with a friend talking about this subject. One of our shared advisors told him that if he was not failing at something twice a month then he was not trying hard enough to succeed. This has been a year of great successes but also missed targets for me. I am just getting back at it and as you said so well, gathering the arrows and aiming again. I plan to fail often this next year and look for the sweet bullseyes to come naturally. Thanks for writing Johnny! I always benefit from your musings.

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  3. Great insight about “not failing at something twice a month!” I’m continuing to learn that succeeding at anything involves a mindset of moving forward that allows for and even anticipates “misses” and course corrections along the way. Thanks for the kind words, John!

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