A Call To Order – 4 Targets (Part One)

This is the 4th follow-up post to this one: “Targets We’re Aiming For.

The first is here.  The second is here. The third is here.

During our recent time on “The Daniel Fast,” my wife, Leona and I sensed God giving us five “general impressions” that we are now working out with specific, measurable targets.

Cups Stacked 1

Most of these targets are  simple, small steps that are obvious in their purpose but profound in their implementation.

Here’s the fourth set:

4. General Impression:  A call to order – Organize and clear the clutter in your home and finances.

  • Specific Target 1: Overhaul and organize all “paper” files by February 2013. The app we are using for this is the “get up off your rear and get it done” app. 🙂 Actually, we are using Google Calendar again and marking out days for making this happen.

Stack of Paper 1

  • Specific Target 2: Prepare your house for a move by February 2013, even if you are not moving. Closets, extra junk, the garage… They are also on the calendar for creating order.

Clothes on hangers 1

I think that many of these targets are things that have been “gnawing” on us for some time, but the time of prayer and fasting brought about a sense of clarity and urgency for them.

I hope these posts are motivating you to begin making small changes for a big impact.  I’ll share two more targets for this general impression in the next post.


3 thoughts on “A Call To Order – 4 Targets (Part One)

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