A Call To Mission

This is the 5th follow-up post to this one: “Targets We’re Aiming For.

The first is here.  The second is here. The third is hereThe fourth is here.

During our time on “The Daniel Fast” this past fall, my wife, Leona and I sensed God giving us five “general impressions” that we are now working out with specific, measurable targets.

Target Globe

These targets have been  simple, small steps that are obvious in their purpose but profound in their implementation.

We’ve held the 5th and final of these “close to the vest” as we’ve prayed, sought, wrestled and researched what it would mean for us.  With the last of our kids heading off to college, the big blue sky in front of us and the blessing of fairly good health, we’re now just throwing it out there and sharing it with all of you who have been following along.

Here’s the fifth:

 5. General Impression: A call to mission – Reflect God’s heart and share Christ with a lost world.

There’s only one basic target for this one:  Start and/or lead in a life giving, needs meeting, mission-minded, Christ honoring Church. 

I particularly sensed God confirming this in my heart recently through a conversation with a missionary friend of mine but Leona and I have both sensed it in many other ways over the past year.

Our recent pause in ministry has allowed us to learn so much about ourselves, our heart and our calling and we know that we will not be fulfilled or satisfied until we’ve fully responded to this call, wherever it leads us.

So now, the real exploring and mapping begins.

We basically know the “what,” so now we’re clarifying the “where.” I’ll share one of the possibilities that we are exploring regarding the “where” in the very next post…


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