Worth Missing Lunch For

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I read this verse as part of my prayer and study time this morning:

“One time, Jesus entered a house and the crowds began to gather again. Soon He and his disciples couldn’t even find time to eat.”  – Mark 3:20 NLT

First, I have to point out that this verse isn’t the main point of this passage. It’s more of an aside, or set up for what follows.  But even so, it stood out to me.

Jesus couldn’t find time to eat? Really? Was He unorganized? Perhaps a time management app or planner would have helped? Was He overwhelmed? Was He unorganized? Was He becoming a workaholic? Did Jesus have His priorities out of place?


His priorities were perfectly in place. I believe that they just didn’t reflect what my priorities often look like.

Of course, we need to eat, plan and rest. But there are times in ministry and in serving when you can find yourself swept up in the task, the serving, the action of it all. And these are not bad times. They are powerful times. They are good times.

I am not talking about the times when you’re stressed and overworked. I am not talking about the times when you have planned poorly or don’t have your priorities in order.

I am talking about the times when you  would rather be no where else than serving wholeheartedly in the middle of the ministry God has given you – the times when what God is doing in, around and through you is more important to you than what’s for lunch.

These are the times I long for. These are the times I miss experiencing.

Maybe it’s because I’m often hungry for the wrong things.  Then I consume those things and find that they may fill me but they do not really sustain, fulfill or satisfy me.

Jesus reminds us that we are not to live by bread alone and that He is the Bread of Life.  He sustains us, fulfills us and satisfies us completely when we follow and serve Him with all of our heart.

So when was the last time that the ministry or opportunity to serve that God has given you didn’t drain you, but actually energized and strengthened you?

Take a moment and remember that time. Savor that memory. Taste it deeply in your soul.

Remember that it is good – that He is good.

Move again into that “zone” of ministry that generates joy, power and adventure. Long to see Jesus change lives, heal marriages, break addictions and free people around you as you serve Him.

Because when you are there, when you are really there –

It’s worth missing lunch for.


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